The Height
in Urban Living

About Caspian Enterprises

Coincidentally, about this time, Caspian Enterprises exited from environmental business located in three major cities in Texas and Louisiana by selling all of its interest to two different national companies.

New in the real estate business, entering an arena still reeling from the recession of the mid 1980’s, we dove into the Houston real estate market. From the very beginning, due to market conditions, timing, and new urbanism movement in Houston, Caspian Enterprises became involved exclusively with urban development and was in the forefront of this new movement in Houston.

Caspian Enterprises is a developer, builder, and owner/operator of lofts, condos, live/work complexes, commercial industrial properties, and many historic buildings all near and around downtown Houston. Caspian started in Rice Military area and eventually moved to midtown, East Houston and East downtown. In Rice Military area and the part of midtown surrounding Baldwin park, Caspian was an integral part of early development of these areas and played a significant role.